21st - 23rd SEPTEMBER, 11:00 - 19:00
Cairo International Convention & Exhibition centre(CICC)



Venue: Cairo International Conference Centre

A global state-of-the-art exhibition forum

After years of vigorous planning and meticulous implementation of innovative ideas, the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre (CICC) was established in Cairo as an international multipurpose exhibition venue.

It chooses to be the only complete event centre in Egypt, spread lavishly over 30 hectares and offering an exhibition space of 58,000 sq.m. It is every bit a global state-of-the-art exhibition forum, equipped with the latest technological and conference facilities and is also located at a strategic point from the airport, the neighbouring hotels and recreation centres.

It avails a parking facility for around 1,200 vehicles, five exhibition halls, fully furnished kitchen cafeterias, safety and security facilities, 3 large boardrooms and mobile interpretation units for the exhibitors and visitors.